Sustainable development and environmental protection are Darian's top priorities. 

Locally, our children cannot play in Sligo Creek because it is too polluted.  home_tree.pngGlobally, our children and grandchildren will inherit a hotter, more volatile world because of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel use.  We have a moral obligation to take stronger steps to sustain the world and its resources for future generations.  We can also set an example here in Maryland that can be duplicated around the country and the world. 

Darian's ongoing research at Howard University focuses on the development of environmental energy technologies.  His earlier work at the MIT Energy Laboratory explored the use of renewable energy for transportation.  He understands firsthand how innovation and market incentives can increase energy efficiency and spur the adoption of renewable energy technologies.

Maryland can and should lead the way in sustainable development policies.   Our best hope for progressive legislation lies with strong, liberal states like ours, where we can lead by example.  The federal government is ineffective because Congressional Republicans continue to obstruct President Obama.   But we can champion key environmental improvements in Maryland and serve as an example to other states and the nation. 

Darian has long favored tougher water regulations to keep our streams, rivers, and bay clean. 

Darian also supports the implementation of a carbon fee that puts a price on greenhouse gas emissions.  Assigning a real price to carbon dioxide pollution will create the market signals necessary for renewable energy to out-competes fossil fuels in Maryland.  Once successful in Maryland, the model can be adapted and adopted by other states as we build a more sustainable future. 


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