Jobs and economy

Darian is an award-winning professor at the Howard University School of Business.  He teaches both undergraduate and graduate students how to solve business problems, how to guide innovation, and how to become entrepreneurs.  Many of his former students have started new companies or became successful business managers.  Job creation is part of his work.

The costs of living in Silver Spring and Takoma Park are among the nation's highest, and make it difficult for many people to afford homes and apartments here.  Yet wages remain low, and only 20% of our state tax dollars come back to Montgomery County.  Darian supports:

  • Raising the minimum wage
  • Requiring mandatory sick leave
  • Spending a greater share of state tax dollars in Montgomery County
  • Supporting local businesses
  • Ending the state-mandated subsidy for Lockheed
  • Ending regressive property taxation
  • Supporting labor and working families

As a member of AFT and adjunct professor at the National Labor College (NLC), Darian also helped start a labor-oriented business administration program.   He taught union members and labor organizers how to manage organizations and start new businesses.  

Darian focuses on sustainable business development, good wages, healthy working conditions, and equal opportunity because they  strengthen not just families, but societies.  A progressive economy creates a working middle class, which in turn sustains a strong economy, improved education, and better living conditions.


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