Public safety

As a local firefighter and EMT, Darian works closely with police when people are hurt or need help.  Some people are hurt because of domestic abuse or assault.  Other times, car accidents become the threat to public safety. 

Everybody should be able to live in safety and security.  Ensuring public safety is a core governmental responsibility, and takes many forms:

  • Safe streets
  • Safe buildings
  • Safe sidewalks
  • Effective emergency responses
  • Strong judicial system
  • Education and crime deterrence
  • Appropriate criminal penalties that discourage crime and allow rehabilitation

And we can accomplish these with

  • Stronger criminal law regarding domestic violence and automobile manslaughter
  • Better design of roads, sidewalks, and public areas
  • Support for police officers combined with limitations on the ability of the state to track and gather personal data
  • De-emphasizing enforcement of victimless crimes
  • Strengthening deterrence, youth programs, and education to prevent violence before it begins
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