Darian is a local leader in promoting public transit, finding traffic solutions, and improving pedestrian safety.  His track record can be seen here.  


As a firefighter, Darian has responded to people hurt in car accidents throughout Silver Spring and Takoma Park.  During rush hours, even fire engines and ambulances get stuck in traffic.  

Are you also frustrated by state roads like Colesville Rd., New Hampshire Avenue, 16th St., East-West Highway and Georgia Ave?  We can solve these problems by calling attention to them in Annapolis.  These roads are poorly managed by the State Highway Administration; they are frustrating to drive, difficult to cross, and unsafe in several areas.  We can do better.

Public transit:

Darian actively promotes public transit because it is a key to sustainable development, smart growth, and traffic reduction.  He has championed funding for WMATA, Ride-on buses, and the Purple Line so that they operate well and can serve our community. 

Darian was also was among the first whistleblowers when the Silver Spring Transit Center mess hurt the community instead of helping it.  You can see his commentary in the Washington Post here and here.

Biking and walking:

Few accidents are more devastating than collisions between cars and pedestrians or bikers.  Darian regularly bikes to work from Silver Spring to his office at Howard University.  Darian also walks around downtown Silver Spring and Takoma Park with his kids, and is acutely aware of how better engineering and design can create safer streets and sidewalks.   He has championed sidewalk and bike lane construction because they are key to making our neighborhoods sustainable and accessible. 


Please help make this happen by supporting Darian Unger for delegate.